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Managing Portfolios

Why I can’t login Google Finance?

If you are new to Google Finance, please activate it by logging Google Finance website and accessing portfolio session. This could temporarily fix the login issue.

Why do I have to login my Google Finance account?

Your portfolios will be created and stored on your Google Finance. GoFinance syncs with Google Finance on every transaction and quotes updates. If you already have portfolios on Google Finance, this app will help you to manage your portfolios.


What types of symbol can be tracked in GoFinance portfolios?

Current version of GoFinance supports public stocks, penny and mutual funds.


Does the app support multiple currency in one portfolio?


What currency can be set for portfolio in the app?

Any currency supported by Google. Typically portfolio summary will do realtime currency conversion and calculate total portfolio market value or cost in selected currency. However, stock quotes for shares still displayed in their currency.


Do quotes are realtime in the app?

Yes for some exchanges and 15/20 mins delayed for some others. For example: NASDAQ, NYSE, SGX,SHE,FRA,CPH… are realtime.

Please check your exchanges here  :


Using Stock Screener to Pick Winning Stocks

What market are supported in the app screening tool?

Supporting markets : Argentina,Austria,Australia,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Switzerland,China,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Spain,Hong Kong,Israel,India,Iceland,Italy,Japan,Korea,Lithuania,Latvia,Netherlands,New Zealand,Poland,Portugal,Russia,Saudi Arabia,Singapore,South Africa,Sweden,Thailand,Turkey,Taiwan,United Kingdom,United States

What criteria are included in the screener? 

There are various technical criteria and you can check for details here:


Is there any guide on using the screener?

Please checkout this short video guide on adding /removing stock criteria: